Monday, October 11, 2010

Exploring Reykavik - Day 1

This day ended up being one of our longest days in Iceland, we arrived from an overnight flight from Toronto at 6:30am and then set out to explore the city. A tip - don't let people ahead of you when getting to the hotel - we missed getting a room right away by one person so we had to wander the city until noon then go back to take a nap.
Reykjavik is a beautiful city, for Canadians I would compare it to a St.Johns crossed with the European feel of old Montreal.  The architecture is beautiful and the shopping is great, easy to spend hours walking around the down-town core taking it all in. This is one spot where we could have spent another day as we didn't get a chance to see everything we wanted to.

One of the highlights was Hallgrimskirkja - the Lutheran church that was built between 1945 and 1986. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture that I have ever seen and from the top of the steeple you can see the whole city.
We had a great dinner at Sjavarkjallarinn (Seafood Cellar) which is downstairs in the building that houses the main tourist centre in downtown.  The food was good but what had it special was all of the work on the presentation.  Here is a video of the desert we had which was done over dry ice.

We spent the spent the night at CenterHotel Klopp which is very close to the centre of the town (10 min walk) and still in the action.  Rooms are very small (even for Icelandic standards but it was quite and we got a good sleep before we started the journey around the ring road.
The Roaming Gnome outside the CentreHotel Klopp
Here are some additional pictures from the first day touring around the city.
Touring Around Town

One of the favourite names for a shop!

A crystal Baptismal font in Hallgrimskirkja

Inside Hallgrimskirkja

Yes - Whale and Puffin are on the menu...

Statue of Lief Eiriksson at the front of Hallgrimskirkja
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